Travel Themed Books

Travel Themed Books

While we are staying in, here are some books to give you a world tour at home. 

🎨The Art of Travel -Alain de Botton

A book full of illustrations that you can explore Provence with Van Gogh, Madrid with Humboldt. You’ll be touring cities with the imaginary guidance of the authors and exploring travel philosophy.

🗺Around The World In 80 Days -Jules Verne

If you haven’t read it as a child, it tells about the adventure of an English gentleman traveling around the world in 80 days after he entered a “challange” with his tea time friends.

🚢On The Road -Jack Kerouac

It is a bit of a travel, a bit of an existence story, where the author compiled the notes he took on the roads he spent 3 years of his life.

🍝Italian Journey -Goethe

It consists of the diaries that Goethe kept on his travels to Italy in 1786.

🛵The Motorcycle Diaries -Che Guevara

It describes how Che left his prosperous life at the age of 23 to explore South America and how he became Che. The book also has a movie.

🏍Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance –Robert M. Pirsig

A cult novel about a man’s inner journey at the same time during a long motorcycle ride with his son and two friends.

🏝The Beach -Alex Garland

It tells about the dark side of the life of a traveling young man when he searches for a paradise on earth, a secret area with his friends. The book also has a famous movie with Leonardo Dicaprio.

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